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Land of diversity: introduction to Portuguese wines - 17 July 2023

Land of diversity: introduction to Portuguese wines - 17 July 2023

55,00 €Price

Event date: Monday, 17 July 2023

Event times: 19:00 - 21:00
Guest speaker: Anaïs Bourg, sommelière at Restaurant Bricole and freelance wine instructor

Language: English
Venue: GLS Campus, Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin
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  • Introduction to Portugal - Masterclass

    No word other than “terroir” can best express the idea that each wine is uniquely linked to a specific place and to the people that made it. The importance of terroir in wine is equally linked to geography, and the various climatic factors that affect the wine production of a region; as well as the human factor: tradition and emotion. Terroir is exciting, because it is the promise of being emotionally connected to a specific place with just one glass.


    In that sense, Portugal is probably one of the most intriguing wine countries in the world. Just on the Portuguese mainland, an immense variety of geographies and climatic influences provides the canvas for an incredible diversity of wine styles. Add to this over 600 indigenous grape varieties, and numerous ancient winemaking techniques and traditions, and it is clear that Portuguese wine deserves the same level of attention as some of its more illustrious neighbours in Europe.


    It would be ambitious to pretend to cover all of the wines of Portugal in two hours, but this Masterclass aims to untangle the mystery of Portuguese wines beyond Vinho Verde and the Douro. We will explore the diversity of terroirs in Portugal mainland, by showcasing emblematic wine regions, their indigenous grape varieties and unique winemaking techniques.

    This will be an exciting evening, open to all that might want to dig below the surface of an often misunderstood wine region.


    We look forward to seeing you!


    Wines of Atlantic influence

    • Quinta do Ameal Loureiro, Vinho Verde, Portugal
    • Filipa Pato & William Wouters Nossa Calcario, Bairrada, Portugal
    • Quinta de Chocapalha Arinto, Alengquer (Lisboa region), Portugal

    Wines of Continental influence

    • Mateus Nicolau de Almeida 'Trans Douro Expess', Douro, Portugal
    • Nicolau de Almeida 'Quinta do Monte Xisto', Douro, Portugal
    • Herdade de Sao Miguel Art.Terra Amphora Tinto, Alentejo, Portugal
    • Quinta dos Carvalhais Encruzado, Dao, Portugal
    • Moreira Olazabal & Borges 'M.O.B' Vinha Senna Tinto, Dao, Portugal


    Terms and conditions

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    • Cancellations and transfers can be made up to two weeks before the event.
    • Cancellations within 10 working days are non-refundable but can be transferred to another participant up to 2 days before the event.
    • If you need to change a name on the booking, please give us as much notice as possible.
    • Berlin Wine School reserves the right to cancel the event. If necessary, a full refund or transfer will be offered.
    • Please note: The wine list and speaker/s may be subject to change.
    • Participants must be over the legal minimum age for the retail purchase of alcoholic beverages in Germany to attend this event.
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    * images © Wines of Portugal

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